Friday, September 7, 2007

Fred Thomspon: Another Neofascist Moron!

Well Fred Thompson has been in the Presidential race one day and already has worn out his welcome with his Neofascist rhetoric. Thompson’s first bit of insanity is that dissent is bad and that people who dissent are hurting the nation. Using this line of reasoning the government must be right in everything it does and citizens should just accept it. He then went to his scare tactics of we’re getting bombed again which is the mantra of the Neofascists.

Thompson further attacks the Democrats on these points. Where in the world do the Republicans come up with these fucking morons? Why do the Republicans seem to have a monopoly on this type of insanity?

For Fred Thompson who was making movies while the world was crashing and burning and evidently didn’t pay much attention to anything here are the facts dickhead:

  • Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction and guess what they didn’t blow us the fuck up!
  • Bush and Cheney went to war because they wanted to retaliate against someone and they figured this would work
  • Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had the worst military strategy in the history of this nation and there is no way out of this mess except now.
  • You cannot force democracy and our form of government on another culture especially one that has a religious tribal state of consciousness.
  • You are not fighting terrorism by being in Iraq
  • Afghanistan has basically returned to the way it was before we bombed because we didn’t have enough troops there.
  • Our economy has been destroyed and our dollar is worth little or nothing against foreign currencies.
  • Any fucking idiot can walk across our borders and get into the US because your fellow Republican Dickheads NEVER SECURED THE FUCKING BORDERS!!!
  • The reason we are hated so much in the Middle East because Israel owns America and we have overwhelming allowed Israel to do whatever it wants in the world.

Now that’s your first fucking lesson you stupid old bastard who doesn’t have a clue to life on earth. How the fuck do you tie your shoes in the morning? Or does your young wife do that for you? Maybe this babe fucked your brains out because you don’t have enough IQ points left to run a two car funeral and you want to be President!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

America: A Nation Without A Soul!

If they ever write the truth of what happened to this nation after 9/11 no one may believe it. How could the world’s foremost democracy crumble so easily? How could a nation which rules by law now rule by tyranny and fear? How could a nation of Rights surrender them so easily?

Orwell knew of such tyranny:

Political language -- and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists -- is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Mentally, America is a fat, dumb country. They have grown fat and dumb mentally because they no longer have the time to understand their nation or the world. Instead they are mesmerized by talk radio and pay allegiance to a bumper sticker mentality expressed in a sound bite. Sure the media are gutless and the politicians on both sides are worthless but who gave them the power? Governments should be afraid of their citizens but in America citizens are afraid of their governments. From the FBI, to NSA with help from multinational corporations like AT&T the government is spying on honest Americans in the name of fighting terrorism while our borders are open to anyone who can walk across.

Perhaps we have reached the time when intellectually we cannot handle the complexity of the task at hand. Instead we allow madmen like Bush and Cheney to destroy this country in every way under the guise of protecting us. They wave the flag and we falter because we are too scared to look at what’s behind the flag waving and it’s not democracy.

We cannot face the fact that Bush and Cheney are mass murders who destroyed an entire nation and perhaps have caused up to a million deaths in Iraq including children under the guise of WMDs and democracy. The nightly news seldom mentions what is really going on in Iraq. We as a nation are oblivious to what Bush and Cheney have done and what they set in motion world wide.

On September 11 2001 Osama Bid Laden put a hole in America and George Bush and Dick Cheney used that opportunity to reach in and tear the soul out of this country forever.